T-Solid 4IPC unfolds new perspectives for reduced cost of ownership, ensuring your return on investment!


Superior turbine design-to-cost ratio

  • enables individual pitch to reduce structural load
  • less load, less tower top mass, slimmer tower
  • increased 
Annual Electricity Production (AEP), better return (ROI)

  • lower Levelized Cost of Energy (LCOE)

Risk reduction, reliability improvement

  • less pitch errors, increased turbine availability
  • proven and bankable design concept
  • lower replacement risk in field
  • no grease leakage, less environmental concern 


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  • three-ring-design: T-shaped solid blade mounted ring, split hub mounted ring
  • two axial raceways, 90 deg roller contact angle
  • single row radial raceway, 0 deg roller contact angle
  • roller separation by spacers in axial raceways